Hi! It’s been quiet around here lately as I’ve spent the last few weeks travelling around beautiful  Peru and have been (blissfully) away from the internet… but now I have returned! And I have a few science-y links for you:

  • This probably qualifies as the world’s worst chemistry set, but you can decide for  yourself.
  • Shady practices of drug companies that conflate medical research with PR advertising.
  • Top 50 Universities for the Physical Sciences. I don’t know what the rankings are based on but CU ranks #7 – booya!
  • Behind Science Magazine’s paywall, but a neat article that does an in depth apples-to-apples comparison of photovoltaic versus photosynthesis efficiencies. PV systems come out on top but applying photosynthesis methods and techniques could help to boost efficiencies of different systems.
  • Finally – It’s rare that a meteorite actually hits a human structure, but it does happen, as did recently to this couple in Poland.

4 responses »

  1. STEM_Wonk says:

    i’m curious about the worst chemistry set! but the link seems to be bad… Thanks!

  2. Hickstein says:

    It looks like CU is #29 on that list…

    Am I missing something?

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