I am spending this week in Boston at the Material’s Research Society’s Fall Conference so I will be fairly light on updates to the blog. However, after only one day I did get to hear this year’s Nobel laureate in Physics, Konstantin Novoselov, speak about his research on graphene.  He was scheduled to attend and give a brief half hour report before he won the Nobel prize, so I think the organizers will pleasantly surprised that he was still able to take some time out of what I must assume is his now extremely busy schedule (considering he has to be in Sweden this weekend to accept his prize!) to still have a chat with us. It was fairly amusing as all the way through the lecture people were pulling out the cameras and phones to snap pictures of him giving his lecture, like some kind of physics rockstar!

Structure of graphene - it's discovery led to the 2010 Nobel prize in physics. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In addition to listening to numerous presentations on organic photovoltaics, surface plasmonics, and other interesting things, I learned about interesting and pressing policy issues surrounding energy critical elements, and the processes behind making science TV shows – specifically the super cool upcoming NOVA special Making Stuff premiering in January.

And that’s only day one! I will post about the above topics in more detail in the coming weeks, so you have those interesting things to look forward too!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


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